History of the Mille Lacs Band and its Communities

We are a sovereign, federally recognized American Indian tribal government whose members have lived for many generations in the east-central Minnesota region. Our homelands are comprised of three Districts throughout East Central Minnesota, from our 1855 Mille Lacs Reservation east to the St. Croix River and north to Rice Lake and Sandy Lake. We also have a thriving urban population in Minneapolis.

This part of Minnesota – where the seasons of the year bring cycles of great beauty to the Lake and the land – has been the setting of our history for more than two centuries. For miles in every direction, there is hardly a place untouched by some large or small event from our past. Our homelands are a place where the past touches the present and connects our life with the people who came before and left a rich tribal heritage. We invite you to explore more about our government, our history, our culture and communities.

Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe

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